As a San Francisco artist who resides in a city of cultural and expressive diversity, I seek to create a unique palette of work that reflects not only my past experiences in advertising design but also the joy of creating my own 3D language. This growth began in 2018 by exploring sculptural and mix-media art as an anticipated and exciting creative statement.

Following this path, I discovered the joy of browsing through thrift shops, looking for recycled objects, whimsical objects as well as acrylic plastic materials I can infuse into my sculptural journey. I also realized how this three-dimensional direction and search for truth would bring into focus the usage of rainbow colors as an underlying theme of “spiritual and personal empowerment.” Transforming translucent plastic elements into my art is equally aligned with the desire to create entertaining works as well as “unique” fine art statements.

My admiration for Andy Warhol’s pop art and his intensity for being different connects as a inspirational purpose for my own work. Artist Mattia Bonetti’s creativity is considered limitless and also resonates with my desire to create a range of artistic worlds. Like him, I treasure my whimsical side and the opportunity to merge it with the “kid in me”.

Working in my studio, I use my raw materials as a road map to create sketch boards, mock-ups and history notes before I begin transforming ideas into computer files. Tapping into my vision, the building blocks or model stages become the most rewarding phases of this journey. This includes the challenges of embracing different learning techniques while I stay true to the artistic standards I have established for myself.

My goal is to identify with both the past and future as one through the different stages of my life,

My Happy Place.