February 2020 / Fusion Arts 4th Annual Group Exhibit Show

Founded by Award winning artists, Chris & Valerie Hoffman, Fusion Art hosts its Annual Palm Springs Group Art Exhibition. Photo: Chris Hoffman with Artist Lollie Ortiz in front of her colorful 3D Sculpture Airborne Wings.

January 2020 Fusion Art Online Showcase

Fusion Art hosts uniquely themed solo and group art competitions and exhibitions. Founded by Award winning artist, Chris & Valerie Hoffman, Fusion Art was formed out of a passion for art and the artists who create it. Artist Lollie Ortiz invited to showcase her 3D collection as the January Solo Spotlight Artist.

March 2020 / Light Space & Time Online “Abstracts” Exhibition - 3D Art Category “Rainbow Joy” Acrylic Abstract Sculpture Awarded Honorable Mention.

“Light Waves” Translucent Sculpture - Special Merit.

June 5 - July 4, 2020  /

Fusion Art’s 2nd Annual

Lines, Shapes and Objects International Online Exhibition. “Rainbow Crayons” Awarded  Honorable Mention.

July 2020 / Light Space & Time Art Gallery’s “Primary Colors” Online Art Exhibit / 3D Category.  “Airborne Wings” - 4th Place Winner

September 2020 / Camelback Gallery’s “Shades of Red” Visual Arts International Juried Awards Competition. “Coke Fizz”

Award of Merit Winner

September / THE 2020 AMERICAN ART AWARDS - Lollie Ortiz

“Coffee Break” 
2nd Place -Tie Representational SculptureAward_Gallery_files/1%20AAA_Coffee%20Break_2nd%20Place72_1.jpg
“Swish Delight” 
2nd Place -Tie / Non- Representational SculptureAward_Gallery_files/2%20AAA_Swigh%20Delight_2nd%20Place72_1.jpg
“Rainbow Fusion” 
3rd Place -Tie / Non-Representational SculptureAward_Gallery_files/3%20AAA_Rainbow%20Fusion_3rd%20Place72_1.jpg
“Rainbow Joy” 
6th Place -Tie / Non-Representational SculptureAward_Gallery_files/4%20AAA_Rainbow%20Joy_6th%20Place_1.jpg