2020 -  November / “Tipping Point” - 3RD PLACE WINNER / Online Art Room Contemporary Art Competition.

2020 -  October / “Light Wings” Lollie Ortiz - USA - ARTIST OF THE MONTH Winner

ITSLIQUID, a communication platform for contemporary art, architecture and design.

2020 -  September / “Swish Delight” - First Place / International “ARTIST CHOICE”

Art Exhibition. Contemporary Art Room Online Gallery.

2020 -  September / “Coke Fizz” - Award of Merit Winner

Arizona’s Camelback Gallery International Juried Visual Arts “SHADES OF RED Exhibit.”

2020 -  June 5 - July 4 / “Rainbow Crayons” - Honorable Mention

Fusion Art’s 2nd Annual Lines, “SHAPES and OBJECTS,” International Online Exhibition.

2020 - September - AMERICAN ART AWARDS / 2nd, 3rd & 6th Place-Ties

“Coffee Break” -     2ND Place-Tie in Representational Sculpture

“Swish Delight” -     2ND Place-Tie in Non-Representational Sculpture

“Rainbow Fusion” - 3RD Place-Tie in Non-Representational Sculpture

“Rainbow Joy” -     6TH Place-Tie in Non-Representational Sculpture

Juried by: America’s 25 Best Galleries and Museums.

Artists from 62 countries competed.


2020 -  November 1-December 30 / “Covid-19 In Memory Of” / Selected for

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art “CRISIS MODE” Online Exhibit.

Juried by:  Lucia Olubunmi Momoh, Assistant Curator of the UC Berkeley Art Museum.

2020 -  September 1- September 30 / “City By The Bay”

Mix Media Sculpture Online Envision Arts “WORKS OF ART IN ARCHITECTURE” Exhibit.

Juried by: Ginger Cochran, Envision Arts – Director / Founder

2020 -  September 15 - November / “Covid-19 In Memory Of”

Mix Media Sculpture chosen for inclusion in the Fusion Arts 3rd “ANNUAL WOMEN ARTISTS” - 15th Quarterly Art Competition Online Juried Art Exhibition, Palm Springs.

Juried by:  Award Winning Fine Artist Chris Hoffman and Valerie Hoffman.

Lead Juror: Marie McCallum, Award Winning Artist, Art Consultant

Juried by: Kathy Moore-Wilson, Camelback Gallery Featured Artist, Resident Artist - Artist Maker’s Studio.

2020 -  July  / Sculptures “LIght Wings,” “Coffee Break,” “Rainbow Sneakers,”

“Dorothy’s Rainbow,” “Light Waves,”& “Coke Fizz.”

“ART IS LIFE ONLINE EXHIBIT, The Brittany Davis Art Gallery, Ojai, California.             


Juried by:  Brittany Davis, Gallery owner and Art Curator

2020 -  July 3 - July 30 / “City By The Bay”

“HOME, A Virtual Group Exhibition,” The Woman Made Gallery, Chicago.

Juried by: Jennifer Weigel, Award-Winning nationally exhibited multidisciplinary

mixed-media conceptual artist.

2020 - June 8 - July 31/ “Light Wings” and “Rainbow Joy.” 

Washington’s Shoreline ARTS Festival Virtual Juried Art Show.


Juried by: Marsha Lippert, artist working in oil pastel, collage and watercolor.

Miss Lippert has juried a variety of art shows, exhibiting at Bellevue Art Museum,

Sidney Historical Museum in Port Orchard, Shoreline Historical Museum in Shoreline, Women Painters of Washington Gallery in the Columbia Tower.


2020  - January / “Fusion Art’s Artist Spotlight Solo Online Art Exhibit,” Palm Springs.


2020 -  November 7 - December 31 / “Hearts Desire” Sculpture.

“I LOVE SONOMA COUNTY” Online Gallery Exhibit.

2020 -  October / “Light Waves” - Honorable Mention Award

Cube Gallery OnLine Exhibit “PATTERNS”

2020 -  October 1 - November 3 / “Covid-19 In Memory of”

VOTE 2020! Online Art Exhibit - Santa Rosa Arts Center, California. Online exhibit on importance of voting.

2020 -  September / “Rainbow Joy”, “Covid-19 In Memory OF” and “Light Wings”

“A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS” Online Exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery, Las Laguna, CA.

2020 -  September 1- 30th / “City By The Bay”

Mix Media Sculpture for Online Envision Arts “WORKS OF ART IN ARCHITECTURE” Exhibit.

2020 -  August 1- 31st / “Rainbow Fusion” and “Swish Delight”

sculptures exhibited for Envision Arts "WORKS OF ART IN PRISM" Exhibit,

2020 -  July / "Airborne Wings" - 4th Place Award Winner

Light Space & Time Art Gallery’s “PRIMARY COLORS” Online Art Exhibit.


2020  - March / “Rainbow Joy” Awarded Honorable Mention.

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s Annual “ABSTRACTS” Art Exhibition.

2020  - March / “Light Waves” Awarded Special Merit Award.

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s Annual “ABSTRACTS” Art Exhibition.

2020  - Feb 5 - Feb 22 / Sculpture Art “Airborne Wings.” Artize Gallery - FUSION ART’S


2019  - Sept 12 - Oct 5 / “Rainbow Sneakers” - Certificate of Merit Award

“FROM SEA TO SHINNY SEA - WHAT UNITES U?” National Juried Show, Marine Society of

Artists Group Exhibit, San Rafael, California.


Juried by: Susan Snyder, a partner at Caldwell Snyder Gallery with locations in

San Francisco and St. Helena.